About the Art...

Each piece is always hand-made, from start to finish, exclusively by Randy Mardrus, with no two ever being exactly alike. For commissioned pieces, Randy starts by creating and refining sketches, inspired from a client�s rough ideas. After meticulous preparation, he uses his distinct abrasive blasting techniques to slowly carve elaborate deep relief sculptures into thick, ultra-clear glass. Layers of glass are carefully carved away from the reverse side of the glass until reaching his desired depth and effect for each detail of his design. Randy relies on his patience and many years of experience, always aware of the unforgiving nature of glass and that even the slightest mistake is permanent. After the piece is finally complete, Randy cleans it and turns it over to inspect the finished art for the first time, appearing much differently, from the smooth viewing side.

Randy�s best selling pieces are framed along with specially designed lighting, adding illumination, depth and vibrant color. The concealed lighting slowly washes through every vivid color of the spectrum or can be frozen on any color at will. As light passes through his sculpted art glass, it dramatically comes to life as every incredible crisp detail, shadow and highlight is intensified. This is an amazing sight which, as his collectors agree, can only be truly appreciated in person.

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